Friday, December 5, 2008

1477. A flare gun from the 1940's, made by the Van Karner Chemical Arms Corp., model VK-M12:

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1478. A cabinet scraper, it's missing the blade, which looked similar to the large rectangular ones on this page, the wooden piece fits on top of the blade for use as a handle.

This tool can be seen in the Dictionary of American Hand Tools, it's listed under scrapers on page 416.

1479. Radio tube shields from the 1950's.

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1480. A wall mount forward seat saddle rack.

1481. A homemade downrigger weight used for fishing in deep water:

1482. A rack from a hardware store for selling Gates Belts:


1400. This tool was used by a shoemaker for forming the shank during the second lasting operation, patent number 1,486,801.

1437. According to the book Gun Tools: Their History and Identification, this is a British Pattern No. 4 Privates' Tool, c. 1859.

1452. The patent number for this bit gauge is 772,211.

Thanks to Ron White, Mid-West Tool Collectors "Whats Its?" chairman, for the above updates.

1473. Last Saturday someone provided the answer for this one, it's a beveling band used in pipeline welding, it would be clamped to one of the pipes being welded together, and in the case of automated welding, a motor-driven apparatus with multiple welders is clamped to the band, and then travels along it, and around the outside of the pipe, as seen in this video.

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